Shilpa Shinde - The Queen of Bigg Boss

  • Published Date: 18 Jan 2018
  • Author: Sweta Kondavalasa
  • Category: Entertainment

Shilpa shinde is accused of many things, but faking is not one of them. What’s so special about that, you ask? Contestants of BB are cut out to fake & that’s the USP of the show...right? But Shinde was different, always happening, sometime chaotic but never dull & if you think these qualities led her to clinch the title over Hina Khan & Vikas are doomed.

Shilpa has proved out to be the complete entertainer in the show with a near perfection. She has proved to be the mother hen for all the contestants and acted maturely and sensibly most of the times. Though the show is over but is the BB fever is still gripping you then check out FanKick entertainment app for Bigg Boss trivia challenges and win goodies.

The show which lasted 105 days has never seen a dull moment. Ever since the contestants provided non stop entertainment to the audience but as per the viewers and critics alike Shilpa turned out to be the most entertaining. Right from her fights with Vikas Gupta which vexed the producer and channel head so much that he chose to run away. tIn other instance her fight with Hina Khan over the use of RO water for cooking turned out to be a national debate.

Shilpa was incidentally banned for 2 years prior to her stint in Bigg Boss. Shilpa has managed to accumulate a huge fan base across the social media network during the course of the show. Her fans kept on creating non stop buzz about her with trends that ran into as huge as 3 million+ tweets. With such huge popularity Shilpa was considered public favourite to win the coveted title and the prize money.

In the glittering finale held on Sunday night Shilpa beat her co finalists with a huge margin and emerged a winner. Although fans are feeling a void after the 105 day roller coaster ride all they do is wait for the next season. Till the next season comes up with new celebrities and new controversies play the fun trivia challenges on FanKick app and win goodies.